Sildenafil Citrate

Kamagra present a popular Generic Viagra, which is a manufactures by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma ltd in India. Men with erectile dysfunction of the middle and severe level of severity are prescribed with this medical product but it may be also prescribed for the prophylaxis of the erectile dysfunction. Based on its pharmacological particularities Kamagra has no difference from the original brand. This medicine includes Sildenafil citrate so the method of the action to the body of a man is the same. In spite of this the length of the pharmacological action of Kamagra differs from Viagra, which is ensured by the presence of one more active component Apcalis besides Sildenafil citrate. The additional prolonged effect of Sildenafil is caused by this.
So, the producers of this Generic have been capable to prolong the duration of the pharmacological action by 2-3 hours if compared to Viagra brand. Kamagra improves the blood flow into the male genitals within 25 minutes after its intake. This drug does not produce the men‘s reflex erection, and therefore the sexual arousal shall be present to activate the pharmacological effect. A feeling of more blood reaching his penis is experienced by a man and thus the erection will gradually enhance. The duration of the Kamagra effect is 6-7 hours. Kamagra in Australia is marketed in the shape of tablets, which should be taken by mouth before one starts intimacy relationship. It is desirable to swallow the entire tablet without breaking it and drink a lot of water for the sake of better dissolution. If food with high fat content was consumed before Kamagra tablet is taken, the perception of the active ingredients will slow down and the action will be postponed for 50-60 minutes instead of 25 minutes. The suggested dose is one tablet daily which is an equivalent to 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate Australia.

Kamagra Australia

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
100mg x 12 pills A$48.02 A$4.00
100mg x 20 pills A$66.72 A$3.34 A$13.31
100mg x 32 pills A$98.31 A$3.07 A$29.74
100mg x 60 pills A$168.24 A$2.80 A$71.87
100mg x 92 pills A$245.72 A$2.67 A$122.45
100mg x 120 pills A$304.50 A$2.54 A$175.72
100mg x 180 pills A$432.73 A$2.40 A$287.60
100mg x 272 pills A$614.40 A$2.26 A$474.10
100mg x 360 pills A$721.27 A$2.00 A$719.40
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